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The wait is finally over, people. Applications to join cohort 3 of the DigifyNG (Digify Africa) DigifyPro program, a free 8-weeks Digital Marketing Bootcamp is now open.

The program is the most immersive digital marketing boot camp training which is organised by DigifyNG (Digify Africa) and proudly supported by Facebook. It’s has a goal to equip the Nigerian graduates interested in Digital Marketing with up-to-date and in-demand skills and tools they need to gain and succeed in jobs in the Advertising and (Digital) Marketing Communications industry.

So far, 40 graduates have gone through which made it possible for them to be absorbed into Advertising and (Digital) Marketing Communications organisations seeking competent graduates with updated knowledge to work with.

One of the criteria to meet in order to apply for the program (Cohort 3) is that applicants should have completed their National Youth Service Corp (NYSC).

Below is the post from DigifyNG about applying for the program.

We are LIVE!Click on the link below to register for a chance to be one of the 20 DigifyPro Nigeria Cohort 3.0…

Posted by DigifyNG on Monday, April 1, 2019

Find out more and apply in the link: http://bit.ly/2UaZ9BC

Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about here

DigifyPro by DigifyNG (Digify Africa) FAQs

1. What is DigifyPro about?

DigifyPro is an initiative facilitated by not-for-profit organization @Digify Africa and supported by @Facebook. It is an 8 weeks intensive digital skills Bootcamp that dovetails into a 3 months work placement experience which gives hands on practical experience to 20 young Nigerian Graduates at a time. This is a unique and competitive Programme designed to equip the next generation of digital talent for Nigeria’s marketing communications industry. The Programme includes Agency Tours, Live Brief, Industry Guest Speakers, Facebook In-house Trainers/Mentors, and guaranteed 3 months work placement

2. How can I join DigifyPro?

Follow and Like our @DigifyNG Facebook; Instagram and @Digify_NG Twitter Accounts so you get a notification when our next application window opens up. You fill in your application and if you are shortlisted, you will be invited to attend a face-to-face interview. Only 20 finalists will be selected to join the next cohort.

3. What are the eligibility criteria?

Eligibility/Shortlist Criteria:
a. You must be a graduate.
b. You must have completed NYSC.
c. You are not in FULL-TIME Employment.
d. You have at least 5 months to dedicate to this transformation process.
e. You are available full-time Monday to Friday’s; 8 am – 8 pm daily.
f. You have a laptop.
g. You have accommodation in Lagos and can transport yourself to and from the Facebook NG_Hub daily (Lunch and water will be provided daily).
h. You must have a positive attitude and mindset and can work under extreme pressure and deadlines.
i. You want to actually build a career in marketing communications.
j. You are not a full-time business(wo)man.

4. Is the Programme Free?

Yes, the Programme is FREE to you but Facebook is paying to making sure participants get a world class training experience from Digify Africa/DigifyNG

5. What is the duration of the Programme?

5 months total – 2 months/8 Weeks DigifyPro Training and 3 months/12 weeks work placement.

6. Do you need to have digital skills already?

You need to have basic digital skills to be on the Programme as this is an intensive advanced Digital Skills Programme.

7. Do I need a laptop for the Programme?

Yes, it is compulsory to have your own laptop for training to be used daily.

8. Can I apply if I am still an undergraduate?

No. Please refer to eligibility criteria listed in #3 above

9. Can I apply if I am over 30 years?

No. It is for graduates who have completed their NYSC who are between 20 years to 30 years only.

10. Can I attend and still do my business as I don’t have 8 weeks to spare?

The Programme is not open to people in full time employment and business owners.

11. I live outside Lagos, can I apply?

Anyone living anywhere in Nigeria may apply so long as they meet the eligibility criteria listed above and can provide logistics and accommodation for themselves in the city of the training and work experience which is a total duration of 5 months.

FAQ source: DigifyNG

How To Create A Website for Free Using GitHub

I plan to share something useful with people who want to learn how to build standard websites for their brand and business and even more use a solid infrastructure like GitHub to save code revisions and host your webpages.

I will be having a 40min webinar training on the 21st of February teaching anyone interested how to quickly create and host a standard small business website on GitHub all for free.

Click here for the link to the Event Page

Kindly share with your connections that will find the training useful to their career or business.

7 Days of Christmas

My friend Charles Isidi talked me into joining him in sharing #OneGiftADay with my network this Christmas.

Below is the intro message for his email list signup page:

For Christmas this year, I’ve decided to give you an unconventional gift every day starting on the 19th of December, call it my little #7DaysOfChristmas. I want to share my lessons from the year, random musings, music and video playlists, books and notes from dusty diaries that may inspire you to thankfulness this season and an intentional 2019.

– Charles Isidi

Today, I will be sharing my first gift for Christmas.

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We Write Our History

Sometimes I think we don’t realise the implications of what we’re doing in our digital world. Whether you realise it or not, you’re making history.

Whether you are a blogger or not, this is relevant to you. Every tweet, every blog post, every comment, every Facebook update is a footprint you’re leaving on humanity.

100’s of years from now, the same way we’ve studied the writing on the inside of caves to understand those who came before, people will study our blogs, our Facebook walls, our twitter and streams and our digital footprint.

We’re actually making history and creating art. That’s why what we do goes far beyond ROI, low cost marketing, monetisation, and all the other things we spend our days worrying about.

Make a decision to approach life, business, love, and everything else that matters with the vision of leaving everybody who comes in contact with you better off than when you found them.

– Alexander Asomba