Are you a Short Term Rental host or co-host in Nigeria looking to increase your earnings with Airbnb? Discover how to efficiently receive your Airbnb payouts in Nigeria by setting up a UK GBP account with Grey. This guide offers a straightforward process to enhance your Airbnb hosting experience.

Step 1: Create Your Account

Begin by using my code AZLI9V (optional but beneficial) to sign up and create a free, foreign bank account on Grey. The process is simple – input your basic information to create your account.

Step 2: Complete KYC Documentation

Provide your Know Your Customer (KYC) documents as a Nigerian. This step is crucial for processing your virtual foreign account.

Step 3: Set Up a GBP Account for Airbnb Payouts

Create a GBP account on Grey. You will be providing the GBP bank account details as your designated payout account on Airbnb.

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Step 4: Configuring Airbnb Payout Settings

On Airbnb, go to settings -> payment and payout -> add payout method -> select the UK as your country of payout and provide your Grey GBP bank account information.

Step 5: Wait for Airbnb to Approve Your GBP Bank Account

The approval process typically takes about 5 working days. Once set up, all your Airbnb payouts will be directed to your virtual Grey account. You can convert to Naira and withraw, fund a Grey Dwbit card to spend your GBP or transfer to other Grey users.

If you need support with Grey, you can get that from

If you need support with Airbnb, you can get that from:

Please remember, by following these steps, you’re not only simplifying your payout process but also ensuring a more efficient and streamlined hosting experience on Airbnb.


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