About Alexander Asomba

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Alex is a Dynamic Technology Enthusiast interested in Digital Media, Education, Innovation & Sustainability. He is not a conventional person and doesn’t intend to become one. He respects integrity.

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Alex was once co-founder at EduKennis (formally Estudybox; it won the Wennovation Hub most innovative business plan competition) where he had the opportunity of working with some of the most brilliant minds on earth. However, that startup is a failed one now but it didn’t fail without leaving many lessons to learn for Alex. No hard feelings, failures are part of success stories after all. The team just failed forward with the experience and currently, Alex is founding Automatic Pallet ( www.automaticpallet.com ) and Michael his other co-founder is founding a really amazing startup Elearn.ng ( www.elearn.ng ). And yeah, they are still really cool pals.

Prior to getting involved in startup businesses, Alex was a LEAD Google Student Ambassador for his University who combined his studies and work very well, his most favourite academic work remains his project on “the Application of Google Apps in enhancing students learning and multiple intelligence,” same project he converted into an appreciated innovative business idea.

These days aside spending ample time in developing a “people before profit” startup, he also gets himself involved with training and coaching activities especially one involving capacity building for young people. He shares his best practices, tools, tips and tricks with other business owners and startup founders just as would be expected of any awaken mensch.

He is chivalrous, likes socks, has a habit of expressing himself with quotes and proverbs, likes meeting interesting people and networking. He enjoys the company of thinkers, people creative in their space/sport/talent and intellectuals. He likes French, he is a big fan of the Japanese manga “Naruto”, thinks Asa is the best musician Nigeria has got and is very addicted to the Linux OS-the Ubuntu distro to be precise. He is fascinated by the open-source community and currently develops actively for WordPress where his plugins are contributed for free to the WordPress repository.

About his friends, he likes them honest, considerate and respectful. Growing up taught him people who have at least these attributes make awesome friends worth keeping despite their age, gender, tribe or religion.

He spends most of his awake hours doing interesting things for interesting people. He is the kind of man that can do whatever he sets his mind to do!

Most of all, he is a follower of Jesus, attempts to treat people like Jesus did and try to reach people with the best balance of grace, love, and truth. πŸ˜‰

Γ  bientΓ΄t! πŸ™‚

Professional Summary

I am a data-led self-starter who enjoys providing strategic technology solutions to business problems.

I care deeply about people and positive social change and that is my why at the core of everything I apply myself to do.

I have strong business acumen, digital marketing and programming background which combined with my data science skills delivers invaluable guidance in making strategic business decisions.

I have had over 7 years of solid experience working in the technology, marketing and communications industry.

I am able to quickly ingest, correlate, analyse and tell stories about data. In the end, I also predict outcomes and prescribe solutions after the story-telling [insert happy face].

If you find me interesting, let us work together or simply have a conversation either here via the comment section or over coffee.



  1. Wisdom Ekeh Reply

    Truly you are someone I look up to, your passion just gives me drive to persevere and remain focused towards my goal. Thanks for being a blessing to me and to humanity..

    • Thanks for the kind words, Wisdom. I’m glad I can live life to the best I know how to and still inspire others in the process.

      Whatever happens, just aim at shining your light. You never know who you’ll inspire in your own little corner and if your actions can help even one person want to be better, you are winning in life.

      Keep dreaming beautiful things for yourself, believe in the best possible outcomes and work towards what you want. You will get there.

      Anyone can rise. πŸ‘‘

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