Web (Application) Development is a New-Collar skill that does not require a 4 years University Degree to master. Like any other skill, before you can become a master at Web Development, you have to have a good grasp of the fundamentals and that is why I am recommending the following course as a great place to start that journey.


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This skill is intended for beginners who want to start a career in web development, have an understanding of its concepts, and basic knowledge of the different tools and technologies they need to learn.


By completing this skill learning journey, you should be able to:

  • The main components of a web application
  • The different technologies that are used to write web applications
  • The different types of web applications
  • The different tools that are used to develop web applications
  • The three tiers of a web application

The skill duration is approximately 3 hours.

Course Content


Web Development Overview

In this unit, you will have a high-level overview of a web application.


Web Applications Concept

This unit introduces you to web applications architecture and concepts.


Client Tier

This unit takes a closer look at the client tier of a web application.


Middle Tier

In this unit, you will take a closer look at the middle tier of a web application.


Data Tier

In this unit, you take a closer look at the data tier of a web application.



A quick summary of all what you have learnt.


Assessment & Learning Achievement Award

Take an assessment quiz comprising 12 questions and win a verifiable Acclaimed Badge to show your learning achievement to the world.


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